Special Event - The Sony FiFa Worldcup 2010 Promotion Expo

CoursesAfter the first brief from the client, we went ahead to scout for an appropriate venue and conferred with the client several times thereafter before we finally decided on using the National Stadium to be the venue to hold the event.

Since it was football related, what better place than to have it at the stadium. Besides, we needed a large area to hold this fabulous event.

With that settled, we went to the drawing board to design the details and since this was to be an exposition to promote football, it is evitable that we included football into our program and to organise friendly exhibition matches as well.

Our brief was quite clear. "This is a Sony FiFa 2010 Worldcup Promotion Expo". Ours was to plan, design, construct and manage the entire event making it a fun-filled family expo of sort and so we did.

   We designed and built:
  • A Giant Booth to Display Sony Products
  • The Showcases & Display Furniture
  • Overall Ambience Enhanced by Façade, Giant Balloons, Air Dancers, etc
  • A Theatre for Playing 3D World Movies
  • A Football Court
  • Tent For a Photo-corner Complete With Props
  • A Music Stand Complete With DJs
  • An Emergency Booth With Medical Staff & an Ambulance on Standby
  • A Security Stand Manned by Armed Guards
  • F&B Area At Which We Had Coca Cola, KFC & Pizza Company
  • A Tent for Table-Soccer Competitions
  • An Administration Stand
  • A Series Of Games to Hype The Atmosphere
  • Media Plan for Publicity & Promotion of the Event


Lots of activities, including many games and a daily football match to entertain the crowd. Our host gave away alot of prizes and free gifts to the visitors; Sony also donated U$15,000.00 to the Cambodian Football Federation.

The event generated a whole lot of media attention and ran smoothly and successfully for five days to the satisfaction of our host.

This event goes down in the history of Cambodia as the largest single exposition and we are proud to have played a part in making it the great success it was.

In a post-event survey, we gathered that the public is happy to have such an event and the mojority wished for there to be many more such type of events in the country.

From a clear brief, Red Dot went from the drawing board to bringing the exposition to fruition and managed also to keep the visitors entertained throughout the duration of the event. Our client wanted it to be an event to be remembered and that was exactly how it went.

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