Our Event Manager & Staff Members

At Red Dot, our event manager and staff members combine organizational and communications skills and manage all the complex details of a special event from planning to budgeting to evaluating afterward.

Our planner researches and recommends themes appropriate for each event; outlines the many facets of an event; oversees the event budget; locates the proper venue; arranges for food and beverages; takes care of logistics and accommodations; coordinates event staff; supervises the event flow; conducts a post-event evaluation and follows up on mass media reports.

Excellent analytical and organizational skills are important to the event planner. Our planner coordinates all the details to help the event run smoothly and meet its objectives. Creative problem-solving skills are a norm at Red Dot.

Communication skills are also essential for the event planner. Our planner understands the host’s objectives clearly and interpolates those objectives seamlessly into the event.

People skills are essential. Our event staff have dealt with all ages and all socio-economic groups, and possess excellent cross-cultural skills. Our staff members are highly energetic and carry with them a can-do attitude all the time. Call our hotline at +855 11 909 131 for a chat with Ms. Nary.